Spa maintenance tips for clear water all year round


Having a jacuzzi spa at home requires relatively simple maintenance procedures, which mainly consist in maintaining good water quality. Whether it is an inexpensive or a luxury hot tub, if you want the water in your tub to always be crystal clear and healthy, you must use special products and perform maintenance on a frequent basis. Spa water treatment Similar to those used for a swimming pool, spa water treatment products are primarily made from chlorine and bromine. These are in fact disinfectants that aim to eliminate bacteria, algae and all kinds of residues (sweat, cosmetics, dead skin, etc.). They can take the form of tablet, lozenge or pebble, and are very simple to use. Simply place them in a floating diffuser and repeat the operation every 2 to 15 days. Other products such as ozone, ultraviolet rays and active oxygen are also available, but they are less effective at high temperatures. So, chlorine or bromine for your spa water? Unlike chlorine, bromine is effective following the disinfection operation. Indeed, it has one of the best disinfectant powers there is. In addition to its discreet and less unpleasant odor, it hardly causes irritation to the skin or the respiratory tract. It should be noted that chlorine must be combined with a stabilizer to keep its qualities as a disinfectant as long as possible. Regarding the prices, count between 50 and 80 € for a 5 kg bucket of bromine tablets, and 35 € for 5 kg of chlorine pebbles / tablets / granules. Importance of water quality control Heated to over 28 ° C, spa water should be treated frequently like that in a swimming pool. Also, it must be balanced so as not to cause wear to the device, such as corrosion of the plumbing, or chipping of the hull and equipment. This will make the treatment more effective and will not cause irritation to the skin or the respiratory tract. Check the water quality at least once a week making sure the pH of your spa water is between 7 and 7.4. In specialist stores, a kit of 300 checks costs around € 40.

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