To have a jacuzzi in the middle of winter, good or not?

Several questions are asked by Internet users regarding the use of the jacuzzi in winter, especially for outdoor models. Some believe it is inadequate, while others encourage the practice to optimize health.

Why an outdoor jacuzzi in winter?

The hot tub on sale is generally well insulated, and the water temperature is 37 degrees inside which makes it entirely possible, even advisable to take advantage of your outdoor jacuzzi to better relax in winter. However, your jacuzzi must be better equipped so that you can manage the time lag between the jacuzzi spa and the outside air. The ideal is to install a jacuzzi shelter to be able to take full advantage of it. So, even in winter, you can decompress and relax, breathe the fresh air without being cold, and above all bring more conviviality by inviting friends and family members.

Follow strict instructions

Before enjoying your jacuzzi, it is strongly recommended to choose it well, especially when buying jacuzzi by checking the shell and accessories and ask the seller if it supports winter. For more comfort outside, you must have a thermal blanket to keep the water at a good temperature. Then close all the jets when not in use to prevent cold air from circulating and could harm the pipes and piping. The ideal is to opt for Auto Heat, a thermostat system that will heat the water as soon as the temperature drops. The most important thing is to check the water level and add more if it is below the pump, as this can harm your jacuzzi. Last but not least, you must always put the cover after each use in addition to the thermal cover to keep the water at a good temperature.

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