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Relaxation and wellness at home

Do you need a wellness and relaxation area at home? Balneotherapy and home spa are more and more popular and trendy!But although you have decided to devote a budget dedicated to relaxation and well-being with the purchase of your hot tub for sale, you are still hesitating between a spa and a balneotherapy bath! If the services offered overlap, certain criteria will however guide your choice.Advantages and disadvantages of a balneotherapy bathtubThe main advantage of the spa bath is [...]

Spa maintenance tips for clear water all year round

 Having a jacuzzi spa at home requires relatively simple maintenance procedures, which mainly consist in maintaining good water quality. Whether it is an inexpensive or a luxury hot tub, if you want the water in your tub to always be crystal clear and healthy, you must use special products and perform maintenance on a frequent basis. Spa water treatment Similar to those used for a swimming pool, spa water treatment products are primarily made from chlorine and bromine. These are in [...]

How and where to rent a boat abraod

Who can rent a boat? Everybody ! That said, if you do not have a license or nautical experience, you will need the services of a skipper, formerly called a "skipper". The latter will be the helmsman of your sailboat or the captain of your pleasure boat. The owner of the boat or the company to which you rent your boat will be responsible for finding you this ship's companion.And abroad ?You will need to obtain the International Certificate of Pleasure Craft Operator (ICC, [...]

Great ways to look after your body while holidaying on a yacht

The jacuzzi bathtubs or spas is renowned for its relaxing qualities. The impact is not limited to relaxation alone. In fact, the spa promotes physical shape and mental well-being. The technique succeeds in removing the stresses and disputes characteristic of a rapidly changing everyday life.With a pool, still feel goodThe spa is primarily calming as well. After a working day or after an exhausting week, this is a good activity. These spa tubs increases the body's secretion of endorphin. [...]

How sport science works

Currently, the spa has come to be a favored solution for rest or for therapeutic reasons. The hydro-massaging nozzles provide precise and powerful massages to completely loosen up the body in addition to the thoughts. Athletes, too, have also come to be aware of the virtues and blessings of jacuzzis. What can be nicer than relaxing in a spa after a strenuous exercise?Relax your muscle mass with the spaSpa sessions encourage our body to produce endorphin. Those are a herbal ache reliever and (jacuzzi tubs) [...]

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