Some tips for renting a boat

Renting a boat is a popular practice this year, as there are several possibilities for renting. Several sites offer boats for rent between individuals, which makes it does not require too many protocols and complies with each budget.

The ethics of a boat for rent

It is important to visit the boat in question to find out if everything is up to standard. A boat to rent requires a list of rules to follow. It is useful to check that the boat is still in working order. The captain's cabin must be equipped with all the necessary, and a person who has a boat license will be able to check all that. Start the engine and observe the white smoke coming out to see if the boat is well maintained. If it is a sailing boat, spread the sail to see if it is not torn, or the gap and it is still beautiful to see. Check all cabins if the beds are comfortable. The toilets work wonders, the water is busy for the meal as for the shower. Check the kitchen equipment, turn on the oven and inspect the cooking utensils so that at least the necessary equipment is available.

The safety of the boat

A boat rental or sold or just to you must be equipped with a security warning when a shipwreck. Lifejackets must be among the crews as well as the boat's staff. There are at least 4 buoys, distress guns, a fire extinguisher, and other equipment. Ask for the list of equipment on the boat but also the paperwork of the boat.

The insurance of the boat

A pleasure boat needs a license to navigate. The boat must be registered in the port where it docked. He therefore has a boat card, and his itinerary is predetermined by the agency where he is affiliated. He also presents an insurance card for the boat in case of serious disaster, loss, or another glitch. This insurance covers losses, damage and theft; the civil liability and the insurance of the persons transported.

Remember to make the supply of the boat before boarding. It is important to rent a boat in order not to have constraints during navigation.

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