The website to find all Greek boat rentals

Samboat or the private boat rental website offers more than 22,000 vessels. There is something for everyone, from sailboats to catamarans to yachts. Looking to rent Greek boats? Present in the four corners of the globe, you can choose the boat of your dreams on the site, and send a reservation request to its owner if your future ship is available.

The platform you need for your sea trips

The site SamBoat has a wide choice of models from sailing boat to motorboat, through the catamaran, for a fee that starts at 34 € per day. This is the point of renting a private boat and prices for everyone!

Offering destinations all over the world, it is also possible to book cruises in Croatia, Greece, Italy or the Balearic Islands. A real trusted third party, SamBoat secures rentals thanks to a multi-risk insurance that protects the boat and the renter for the duration of the navigation.

Enjoy a relaxing moment at the edge of a boat

From the confirmed browser to the novice, the site offers tailored to each. Those who already know how to sail can simply get in touch with a boat owner. Rental with skipper, for those who do not yet have the permit, is also possible. Finally, the rental dock for travelers seeking unusual accommodation, or who do not have the sea legs, is also available. In short, you will understand, there is for everyone.

Finally, for those who do not have quite the sailor or just want an unusual place to have an aperitif, the port, the rental dock is also possible! That makes you want to jump in the water this summer!

So whether you're a real sea bass, a Sunday sailor, a fan of fishing or water sports, thousands of boats are waiting for you all over the world, to spend a relaxing and relaxing time.

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