Discovering Europe by boat with Samboat

There are several ways to discover Europe, but as it is a place with the most kilometers of freshwater waterway, it is better to start the visit through canals and rivers.

We have a great vision on the water

Just by renting a motor boat on the Seine, les Maux, Lille, and others, you already have a good alternative to relax otherwise. And then the good sites like Samboat offer you opportunities to rent a barge, a catamaran or a house boat and venture along the canals. The only rule is to cross the barrier before closing time. The river navigation program is delivered to you when the boat is handed over with the freshwater navigation code. For a little reminder, you don't need a boat license to rent a boat and sail on fresh water, even for a large family barge. You must still be 18 years old, and have a driver's license, and also be accompanied by a co-pilot who is also an adult.

The best destinations in Europe

You have several destinations in France for rent a boat and have a good stay in the best destinations. Discover the Nivernais in Camargue on board a barge and admire the miles of vineyard fields as well as the beautiful castles and their history. Or to Venice in Italy and take a weekend getaway with a tanning plan on the beach of Grado, and buy local handicrafts. Aquitaine is also a family travel destination for a stay of culinary discovery and a beautiful souvenir of liver taste. As for Brittany, it is perfect for a nice picnic with its greenery that offers us more than just a breath of fresh air. Outside France, we have the Netherlands and its adventure on a houseboat all along the Valenciennes by lending the lakes to go out in Germany.

You can see the map on the Samboat and discover that this discovery on the boat is perfect.

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