The website to find all Greek boat rentals

The website to find all Greek boat rentals
Samboat or the private boat rental website offers more than 22,000 vessels. There is something for everyone, from sailboats to catamarans to yachts. Looking to rent Greek boats? Present in the four corners of the globe, you can choose the boat of your dreams on the site, and send a reservation request to its owner if your future ship is available.The platform you need for your sea tripsThe site SamBoat has a wide choice of models from sailing boat to motorboat, [...]

Boat and yacht charter rentals available this summer

You like the sea, the motor boats, the catamarans, the barges, the sailboats, of all sizes, you dream to sail but you do not necessarily know how. Well this summer, throw yourself in the water! The yacht charter is a way to obtain a private boat, as you would a car, a house or a bike.Rent a boat through SamboatSamboat is a platform specialized in boat rental, made up of a team of dynamic and helpful professionals, the services are at hand. In addition, Samboat has several types of boats [...]

Some tips for renting a boat

Renting a boat is a popular practice this year, as there are several possibilities for renting. Several sites offer boats for rent between individuals, which makes it does not require too many protocols and complies with each budget.The ethics of a boat for rentIt is important to visit the boat in question to find out if everything is up to standard. A boat to rent requires a list of rules to follow. It is useful to check that the boat is still in working order. The captain's cabin must be [...]

Your european boat rental service

For some time, the boat rental has become a key trend in various countries in the world, but especially in Europe. Therefore, it is quite difficult to find a boat rental company on the continent today, due to the diversity of choices, which sometimes compels some to retract.Expansion of boat rentalWho knew it would be one day possible for everyone to enjoy the company of a boat during a certain period, such as one is accustomed to seeing today? However, this is due to the abundance of ships [...]